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Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Self-employed translator and proofreader. 

Managing a private business and supplying Hebrew-English translations and English-Hebrew translation, as well as proofreading material in both languages. Working with a wide variety of clients and handling a wide variety of texts. Translating and proofreading literature, academic papers and articles, marketing material, legal documents and administrative correspondence. 


Academic advisor to students registering to courses provided by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on behalf of eTeacher Group.

Providing professional assistance as well as academic guidance and advice to students registering to the university’s online courses. This position requires sensitivity and keeping both the interest of the student and that of the academic institute itself. Working in English.


Teacher and tutor of Literature and English as a second language in ‘Roee Kariv’ private high school.

Writing lesson plans and preparing summaries of stories. Acquiring pedagogical knowledge and learning unique teaching methods. Learning more about world literature and the subtle intricacies of the English language.

Translating study material from English


Instructor and sales representative in iDigital, Apple Premium Reseller. 

Writing lesson plans and instructing both in Hebrew and in English. Catering to a wide variety of customers, acquiring knowledge in computers and technology. Working with state-of-the-art devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and knowing every feature and ability of them. Learning the ins and outs of the world of graphical user interfaces and desktop and mobile applications.


Certificate studies in translation and translation editing, Tel Aviv University 

Theoretical and practical courses in literary translation and business, journalistic and legal translation. Courses focusing on specific problems in translation and on working with an editor, in addition to comprehensive courses in Hebrew and English grammar and syntax. Weekly enrichment lectures by members of the Academy of the Hebrew Language and active translators.

Winner of the Israel Translators Association award for excellence in the study of translation.


B.A. in Humanities, Open University of Israel.

Courses in literature, and the linguistics and philology of Hebrew and English, as well as other languages. Enrichment courses in Art, history, philosophy and psychology.

Receiving the degree with honors.

Exceptional Term Paper in the study of translation from English to Hebrew. 

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